Polyphenols : patent and scientific results

Bioavailable polyphenols: resveratrol and curcumin

At YVERY, specialists in bioavailable resveratrol, we have developed various dietary supplements from the resveratrol dosage form developed and patented by our laboratory.

Numerous scientific studies conducted in partnership with renowned academic research institutes have demonstrated results that are the subject of high-level American scientific publications (PlosOne).

Resveratrol & blood glucose regulation

It has been shown that the YVERY patented bioavailable resveratrol improves glucose tolerance by increasing the concentration of the intestinal hormone GLP1 in the gut and portal blood. As the hormone GLP1 stimulates the secretion of insulin, this has the effect of regulating blood sugar.

GRAPH - Regulation of glycemia with glucose injection at T0 min (preclinical data)


Resveratrol & inflammation

It has been demonstrated that YVERY patented bioavailable resveratrol helps reduce inflammation by decreasing the expression of inflammatory cytokines (TNF, IL1) and inducing the expression of anti-inflammatory cytokines (IL-10, TGF).

Good to know: Cytokines are molecules secreted by cells involved in cellular immunity (lymphocytes) and by defense cells of the body (macrophages).
Cytokines are involved in the development and regulation of immune responses.

GRAPH – Inflammation reduction (TNF assay)

Resveratrol & intestinal flora

YVERY bioavailable resveratrol acts as a true prebiotic agent to protect and rebalance intestinal flora impaired by excessive fat intake. 

It induces the production of good strains of bacteria Bifidobacterium (Gram+ bacteria) while reducing the production of bad strains of inflammatory bacteria (Gram- bacteria).

PFGE IMAGE – Effect of Resveratrol on intestinal flora


Resveratrol & antioxidant action

YVERY patented bioavailable resveratrol inhibits the harmful effects of environmental pollutants as well as the effects of oxidative stress. 
It prevents the occurance of genetic mutations and helps fight against cellular aging.

Histology IMAGE – Effect of resveratrol on human lung cells in vitro, intoxicants to pollutants. In these experiments, the amount of pollutant used mimics the effect of a pack of cigarettes.

Good to know: For 10 years, we have also developed dietary supplement solutions focused on the detoxification of heavy metals (METOSTOP) and cardiovascular protection (CARMEGA-3) to best meet your different health needs.