a great scientific and human adventure

Born in 2006 in Marseille...

... out of a meeting of scientists, pharmacists and doctors, our laboratory draws its specificity in research on natural active molecules found in the body: polyphenols.

"We were keen to work on natural molecules with high therapeutic potential. Hence our desire from the outset to scientifically document the products in order to bring out their value while also working on their galenic formulation to ensure their effectiveness. The creation of YVERY was also intended to bring scientific credibility to the dietary supplement market in a climate of consumer distrust concerning health products." (Laurent Pechere, founder).

Natural and quality products

This unique expertise has given birth to dietary supplements combining high-quality natural active substances for health and well-being. Appreciated by health professionals sensitive to natural molecules, the YVERY laboratory guarantees French manufacturing excellence and protects its innovative galenic formulation by an international patent, proving the effectiveness of its products.