Our sports sponsorships to accompany triathletes ...

At YVERY, it is as experts in active and bioavailable polyphenols that we support the VO3MAX PROVENCE TRIATHLON athletes every year. This high-level sports association is particularly sensitive to the personalized support of its athletes in the areas of prevention, recovery and treatment of joint and musculotendinous weaknesses.

This is how we had the great pleasure of sponsoring the 3rd edition of the Bike & Run sports event last January. 

This season has also been rich in participation in various regional events and podiums…thanks to Sylvain Goulesque, crowned regional champion in the Master category! 
The D3 team ranked 7th this year is also on track, with the arrival of new recruits in September, hoping to move into division next year! 

No doubt, as stated by its President, the VO3MAX PROVENCE TRIATHLON has not finished talking about itself!