an innovative company

... in line with a quality approach.

The YVERY Laboratory has been involved since the beginning in a quality approach in terms of its galenic formulations and results that are now the subject of high-level scientific publications recognized by health professionals.

Due to the innovative character of its actions, the YVERY Laboratory has been labeled PRIDES (Regional Pole of Innovation and Economic and Social Development) within the PACA Region.

This recognition resulted in a validation of its products in 2008 by the scientific committee of AI2G Association, a member of UNESCO.

YVERY Laboratory has since been rewarded twice for its innovative research related to the bioavailability of polyphenols.

Gold Medal at the 2009 INOVA International Fair in Zagreb

Prize at the SINES Phytonutrition Symposium in Narbonne in 2011

The main industrial partner of Laboratoire YVERY, faithful since its creation, is also part of a high quality manufacturing process of capsules. Beyond the traditional ISO and GMP standards, the production site has recently acquired the "BIO" certification.