A perfect mastery of galenic formulation

Yvery has developed a patented active galenic formula

Polyphenols have many pharmacological properties of interest, however they have a low bioavailability in their natural state. That is, they do not have the ability to stay active in the body for a long time. Highly metabolized after absorption, they are almost completely eliminated from the body after one hour. With this in mind, our YVERY experts have devoted two years of research and development to solving the problem of the low bioavailability of these polyphenols of interest.

Bioavailable polyphenol molecules

Our team of scientists has developed an active and patented galenic form (patent No. WO 2010007252 - Formulation for improving the bioavailability of a hydrophobic molecule) having the ability to render the polyphenol molecules bioavailable. 

This unique dosage form makes it possible to protect and solubilize the polyphenol molecules in order to facilitate intestinal absorption and claim a prolonged action for more than 6 hours after ingestion!


A bioavailable blood Resveratrol level 10 times higher than conventional resveratrol

According to a pharmacokinetic study carried out on healthy subjects in a hospital setting, the YVERY bioavailable Resveratrol level is 10 times higher than the classic resveratrol level starting at 30 minutes! And this level still exceeds the minimum threshold activity 6 hours after absorption! YVERY's unique and patented galenic formulation therefore makes it possible to use less active ingredients for superior and prolonged efficacy up to 6 hours! This prolonged action therefore makes it possible to limit the daily intake of food supplements while facilitating compliance and reducing consumer costs.